Week 2: Political Systems


  • Overview
  • Guest Lecture, Becky Bogard
  • Lecture/Discussion (PPT)
  • Going Forward: discussion leaders, reading reflections, projects

YouTube Clips In Tonight’s Presentation

(1) Schoolhouse Rock

(2) The Long Tail

Becky’s Notes

Lecture PPT on Slideshare

Discussion Leaders

Need two more people for next week! I’m putting the signup on both the schedule page and the students page.

Group/Individual Projects

Tonight’s Debate

Questions from the start of class

  1. Becky: How quickly are state legislators picking up on new technologies?
  2. Becky: How can lobbyists use digital media effectively?
  3. Becky: Where do you see your job in 10 years?
  4. Becky: Comment on “echo chambers” and their use
  5. Becky: How have your processes — re elections, campaigning–changed?
  6. Becky: What do you see as the future of the political campaign?
  7. General: What is the biggest problem facing American voters in terms of the use of the Internet for political campaigns?
  8. General: Armed Forces are one of the most trusted American institutions. Why are they not considered a government organization? And are there any statistics on “trust” now?
  9. General: What is the downside of making campaigns, organizing, advocacy “accessible” to “regular people”?
  10. General: Traditional institutions, such as parties, are under pressure from digital technologies which enable alternative networked groups. How are interest groups fairing in this new system?
  11. General: How do governments use social media tools to enhance their dominant position?
  12. General: If we can identify astroturf campaigns, why are they still effective (or are they)?

Questions that we will cover in later sessions together:

  1. How might governments work with social media like Facebook?
  2. What is the future of online voting in the US?
  3. How do we measure the effectiveness of the political campaign which is marketed with digital technology?
  4. How will digital campaign donations be counted from organizations (parties) on the local level?

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