Week 3 – Digital Electioneering

Our ambitious task for the evening:
A historical and quasi-contemporary look at campaign use of technology, beginning with radio debates, moving on to the Kennedy-Nixon debates, and closing with the first campaign-oriented websites (1990s). Examine communication that is top-down as well as bottom-up.


Kennedy-Nixon Debate

Archive.org has a 16 minute clip that contains excerpts from the debate.


TV Amplification

Dean Scream – full

Dean Scream – not full

Dean Scream – filmed from the crowd

Political Commercials

The Modern-Day AstroTurf Campaign?
Q: If we can identify astroturf campaigns, why are they still effective (or are they)?

Odds & Ends

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  1. marcpease

     /  October 15, 2008

    Kathy, I want to read/see the doc, on the eReserve Week 8 I beieve : Putting Commmunity Back into Community Networks: A Content Analysis. I cannot access it, where do I find that reading ? Thanks


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