Week 5 – Digital Advocacy

Historically, political networks have been geographically-based or managed via an organization (political parties). Digital technologies are disrupting these patterns of control. How do digital technologies impact third parties, polarization.

PEW: More than a quarter of voters read political blogs

  • How would you feel if your candidate lost? Obama supporters: 37% angry, 33% depressed; McCain supporters: 18% angry, 17% depressed
  • Confident your vote will be accurately counted? 57% “very” confident, 10% “not too” confident

“Special Interest Groups”

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  1. Best Practices for writing “useful” essays:
    * Simplify
    * Writer has something to say
    * New ideas
    * Evidence
    * Storytelling not preaching
    * Readability v overly obtuse
    * Visual modeling (use visual appropriately)
    * Be interesting
    * Introduce evidence and show relevance
    * Headers/subheaders
    * Document supports thesis statement
    * Provides appropriate contextual info
    * RSS feed

    Things that are not useful
    * Lingo/jargon (need to properly define terms)
    * Rambling
    * Pointless
    * Confusing structure
    * Lack of detail/evidence
    * No white space
    * Abusive language
    * Blatant commercialism


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