Week 8 – What Next For Political Journalism?

One of the democratic institutions under great financial stress due to digital technologies is journalism. What might the future of political journalism look like? How do citizen journalists develop the “credibility” needed to have access “to power”?

  • GoogleDocs GradeSheet
  • Guest speaker, David Cohn, Spot.us
    David is a Knight Foundation award winner who is exploring a form of micro-financing for political journalism. He’ll share the results of a San Francisco election project, via Skype.
  • Discussion leaders:
    Roni, Tharaa


  • Role of the press in a democracy
  • Role of power in a democracy
  • “Speak truth to power” – whose responsibility?
  • What are the issues around media financial viability? Why do we care if newspapers go out of business or if we have cross-ownership in a media market?

Posts to read (and comment on) this week:

  1. Alvin, FCC Transition Team Wants More Diversity In Media
  2. Jody, The Election’s Over, Now It’s Time To Govern
  3. Katie, Why Isn’t eGovernment All The Rage?
  4. Maury, Is Nothing Sacred
  5. Rebekah, Media: Determining Authority and Values

WordPress Workshop

  • Kathy demonstrates “more” and talks about why this is a good practice
  • Kathy demonstrates making a word or a phrase a hyperlink
  • Everyone: add “more” to all posts from this quarter
  • Everyone: categorize all blog posts from this quarter
  • Everyone: modify design to include these elements on sidebar:
    pages, categories, archives, blogroll, meta.
    Do that here: Location -> Dashboard ->Design ->Widgets
  • If you’ve already done these things, please help a neighbor!

Closing Assignment

  • Think back to the beginning of the quarter and your understanding of or thoughts about “digital democracy.” What has changed? What has stayed the same? Why? Within 24 hours of the end of class, post a short reflection on these questions. This exercise will help prepare you for your final reflection for the quarter.
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