Week 10 – Wrap Up

How might the example of digital democracy in the US serve as a model for other countries?

Gavin Newsom (SF Mayor)
YouTube Channel

Posts of Note:

Internet & Politics Timeline

  • 1996 – Publicity, one-way communication (Web 1.0)
  • 2000 – Organizing tool
  • 2004 – Form of political communication (blogosphere)
  • 2008 – User-generated-content (YouTube) and community (Facebook, Twitter)
    :: Advocacy: ChangeCongress
    :: Transition conversation? Sen. Daschle Responds Also – see WordCloud
    :: Transparency: OMB Watch
    :: Transition: Open-Government.us


On engagement – from epolitics.com:

Now let’s look at the Obama numbers and see how they break down. Thirteen million people on the email list, three million online donors. Five million “friends” on the public social networking sites, two million profiles on MyBarackObama.com. Three million individual donors, 70,000 people creating their own fundraising campaigns via MyBO. If we had more information, I bet we’d find similar trends throughout the Obama online army: of those 400,000 blog posts on the campaign site, how many were written by a small core of prolific contributors? The basic rule applies: as you move up the ladder, each rung requires more commitment, creates more value, and will tend to hold fewer people.

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