Week 1: Introduction

We’ll talk to one another, go over the proposed schedule and syllabus, talk about the class project, set up blogs (if needed).


Class Project

Tips: Recommended Settings for Blogs

  • We use WordPress.com for ease in commenting and in providing tech support
  • Recommended: Settings -> General:
    • Time: UTC -8
    • Enable: Users must be registered and logged in to comment. Note: if your WordPress blog is self-hosted, please don’t enable this feature!
  • Recommended: Settings -> Discussion:
    • De-select: Comment author must have a previously approved comment. Note: if your WordPress blog is self-hosted, you may want to enable this feature. If so, please check regularly for held comments.
  • Recommended: Design -> Extras
    • De-select “snap shots”

For Next Week

(1) Readings – Political Systems

  • On Habermas and The Public Sphere
  • Habermas, The Public Sphere (eReserve – Week2 may be at the bottom of the list)
  • Howard, P. New Media Campaigns. Introduction, Ch1, Ch2 (pp 1-100)


  • Castells: Materials for an exploratory theory of the network society (eReserve – not in folder)
  • Expanding Dialogue: The Internet, Public Sphere, and Transnational Democracy (eReserve – not in folder)
  • Internet Politics: Some Conceptual Tools (eReserve)

Assignment: Students will reflect upon weekly readings at least three times during the quarter. These essays should be posted to the student blog before 6 pm the night of class. They should be substantive commentary that integrates readings and real life experience/observation/analysis. They should be distributed throughout the quarter — not three consecutive reflections at the beginning or three consecutive reflections at the end.

(2) Leading Discussion
Students will lead a discussion once during the quarter; students will select an article of their choice, linking the topic to personal experience or current business practices as well the general class reading, comparing and contrasting viewpoints. A list of articles and book chapters is provided for each week’s topic; however, students are welcome to find articles related to their individual interests. In other words, the list provided is not exhaustive.

These discussion leadership opportunities will occur Weeks 5, 7, 8, and 9.

Please send me an email by Wednesday with your top 3 choices, by week number. I will do my best to give everyone their first choice.

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