Week 2 : Political Systems


  • Introductory Lecture/Discussion
  • Break: ~ 7 pm
  • Guest Speaker: Alex Howard (@digiphile) Gov 2.0 Correspondent for O’Reilly Media (7.30 pm via Skype)
  • Going Forward: discussion leaders, project

Introductory Lecture/Discussion

  • Lecture (ppt)
  • Featured post this week: Shane

    On a larger scale however, this book [Howard] brings a question I have had since I started studying mass/new media years ago to politics. As we as a society have more and more of an ability to choose and shape the messaging we receive, what happens to the idea of popular/mass culture? Outside of a few major events that are shared nationally (the Super Bowl for example) what are the water cooler talks of the future going to be about? Where will our shared identity come from?


(1) Schoolhouse Rock

(2) The Long Tail

Guest Speaker : Alex Howard

Going Forward

For Next Week

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