week 4, Digital Electioneering, Part 2

Framing: How are political campaigns using (and abusing) digital technologies? How did digital electioneering change between 2004 and 2008? Between 2008 and 2010? What might the future bring? How are these technologies being used to “brand” candidates and how are “other” campaigns (not presidential, not statewide) using these technologies?


  • Discussion
  • TVW – 7 pm – 8 pm (live stream)
  • Project Work



  • Jan 2008: “18.4 million Facebook members self-identify as American adults, which represents about 8.2% of the approximate 225 million adults in the United States.”
  • March 2008: 1 million Twitter users (maybe half in the US)


  • Elway on the Initiatives (take notes!)


  • Goal tonight: at least two analytical posts by each person in class — we will schedule their publishing (to pace them)
    • Identify claims
    • Rank claims
    • Determine if anyone has done a fact check on the claim (see 1098 post)
  • New: need to add a thumbnail to each post so that it shows on the overview page (Kathy demo)
  • Format: how should we call out digital networks : should we create a stand-alone page?
  • Names: First and Last? First and Initial? Capitalization? Let’s get consistent.
  • Media: editorials have been pulled on to their own page. Excerpts would be good: see RB52.
  • Pro/Con pages: let’s get all the YouTube clips and radio clips posted here. Media pro/con should be moved to media page (if I haven’t already done that).
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  1. dthornto

     /  November 4, 2010

    I’m going to post a link to my week 5 reading response here. Once the week 5 post is opened I’ll post it again there.



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