week 7 – eGovernment

eGovernment – Part 1
How (and why) elected and appointed officials are using digital technologies to communicate with the electorate. What does this mean for citizens and public officials?  Specifically, how has Washington employed these technologies to enhance citizen deliberation?

  • Guest Speaker: Sarah Schacht, Founder, director of Knowledge As Power & Open Gov West, @sarahschacht
  • Discussion leader:  Gary


Some sample sites:

Reading posts:

  • Andrea: excellent perspective in being of an age where the Net has always been like air
  • Shane: “For most people, government isn’t something to interact with (except around elections) but something to either get something from or give something to.”

Do folks look for political info online? Case study: Social Security Administration

hitwise search terms

This report shows search terms for the industry 'All Categories', ranked by largest increase for week ending 11/06/2010 compared with week ending 10/30/2010.

From The Myth of Digital Democracy:

[O]vertly political Web sites constitute a much smaller part of the online universe than do news Web sites — only 0.13 percent of nonadult Web traffic, or roughly 1 in 750 site visits… According to Hitwise, political Web sites as a category received 26.2 percent of their traffic directly from search engines in November 2005.


Hitwise Data For Search Engines : November 06, 2010

Post-mortem: Initiative campaign


  • Why the difference in FB and Twitter use/followers?
  • What does it mean to have no/limited YouTube presence?
  • Why campaigns still spend $$$ on TV and direct mail?
  • What was the impact of money?

To Do

Looking At National Races

  • Arkansas Senate : Blanche Lincoln (D) lost to John Boozman (R)
    Lincoln: FB likes, 11,024 ; Twitter followers, 1,674 ; YouTube channel views, 9,254, total upload views, 169,953; Flickr
    Boozman: FB likes, 12,691; Twitter followers, 1,132 ; YouTube channel views, 3,025, total upload views, 20,453; Flickr
  • Wisconsin Senate: Russ Feingold (D) lost to Ron Johnson(R)
    Feingold: FB likes, 35,200; Twitter followers, 13,337; YouTube channel views, 11,345, total upload views, 343,117; Flickr
    Johnson: FB likes, 41,351; Twitter followers, 2,128; YouTube channel views, 19,731, total upload views, 198,952; Flickr
  • Incumbents lost renomination in Alaska (write in), Pennsylvania, Utah

For Next Week

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