week 8 – eGovernment and access

How (and why) elected and appointed officials are using digital technologies to communicate with the electorate. What about the digital divide and other marginalized populations?

Given that I don’t think we’ll be together more than a couple of hours, I’m delaying the start to 7 pm. Fingers crossed that they will be home by then. Whether or not, we will start then.

In that intervening hour, why don’t you take the time to read one another’s recent posts and comment … practice a little asynchronous communication. :-)



  • Lecture : Kathy (slideshare)
  • Discussion leaders :  Betsy and Shane
  • Reading posts: Dan, Gary
  • Exercise : contact legislator/city councilman/governor (more than one – use different methods – let’s track response : faxzero.com)


Per email: We’re using Join.Me: https://join.me/504-201-011

(1) Please click the “person” and edit your name. :-)

(2) Join the audio conference:
Call 415.400.0300
Access code 504 201 011#

You can use a phone or Skype for the audio. If you use Skype, you’ll
need to use your keyboard, not the Skype keypad, to input the access
numbers (at least if you’re on a Mac).

(3) Join.Me also has a text chat feature. It may be easier to ‘converse’
on chat if we find ourselves talking over one another.

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