UW Election Eye

Note for UW Election Eye guest lecture.

  • Course philosophy/roots (FactCheck.org, PolitiFact)
  • Challenges of summer quarter
  • Possible routes that FactCheckWa.org could take over the summer
    • Prep for two initiatives: gay marriage and legalizing marijuana
    • Become go-to source for TV ad buys – state and national
    • Develop portal for governor’s race: one stop shop to find info about the two main candidates + selected Twitter/RSS feeds
  • How ElectionEye might fit : your thoughts/suggestions
  • If interested (on break?) : card sort and navigation feedback for KC Elections
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  1. * Betsy – School house rock informing people about what an initiative is
    * elizabeth – finding old posts hard to do
    * truth needle –
    * corey – personalize the process – candidate races are impt but initiatives touch people – content and story the focus on initiatives has
    * dan – portal idea is good too – balance
    * elizabeth – social online presence
    * calls to action
    * city club – voters guide

    * round-ups


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