Is UWEE really an example of Digital Democracy?


Would it be possible to lead a short but important discussion on Saturday about my experience as a first time poster on UWEE?   As my article on Orcas Island went from my hands, up the chain of command to final posting this Monday morning, it took on a much different meaning.  Most frustrating is that between the time you and I finalized on Saturday morning and the time of posting, the headline was changed and several other changes were made that I think had a substantial impact on my original, approved story line.

As an example:

(1) I was accused of writing a pro-LGBT article.  But when the editor tried to make the article more balanced and politically correct, the words and meaning ceased to become mine.  (I would never refer to people who support using the term marriage equality as political progressives – that makes it seem like fringe thinking).

2) I was told that the words marriage equality were “loaded words”.  I wonder if the article had been about race — would the words racial equality be viewed as “loaded”?

3) When I was told by one editor that I should site the name and hyperlink for a politically conservative group on the island as a way to be more factual, the senior editor took out the reference completely.  Was being factual now too controversial for the editor?

As a way to learn about how the process works, and to be better prepared for my next article, I think it would be a great exercise to (1) review my first draft; (2) the draft you and I agreed on Saturday morning; and (3) the final post.

Election Eye is billed on the Seattle Times site as a blog.  I never expected censorship (changing an author’s written word and intent without his/her approval) as the role of an election blog.

(By the way Cohorts, none of the edits or feedback I am challenging was driven from Kathy).

Let me know if we can carve out 20 minutes or so for an enlightening conversation.



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  1. Joe,

    I think you bring up an excellent point and think we would all benefit from this discussion tomorrow.

  2. Hi, Joe – thanks! Yes, we will talk about the process and all its nuts-and-bolts. Learning experience for me, too. (I got edited also!)


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